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  New Age ~ Spiritual

Academy of Spiritual Self Mastery
Free Psychic Readings, spirituality, metaphysics, Matrix, personal empowerment, Online Mastery Training.

Accurate Psychic Readings By Nirup
A clairvoyant psychic reader and medium offering past life regression, intuitive/spiritual counseling and readings by phone, e-mail or in person.

Ancient Healing
Zeffi Kefala's intuitive gifts, healing powers, workshops, and spiritual counseling can assist you on your path to finding and awakening to your True Self.

Angel Valley Ranch
It is our dream to share our beautiful property, with those who commit to walk the path of spiritual growth.

Aquarian Concepts Community
Concerned Men And Women Implementing Divine Administration Within An Intentional Community and Eco-Village.

Arizona Healing Tours
Sedona tours, soul healing, spiritual retreats, Shamanic counseling, soul retrieval, with shaman soul-dreamer / healer Clay Miller in a sacred place.

Ashram of Enlightenment
Supports high-vibration spiritual students to directly experience Enlightenment  GOD  The Absolute and to integrate it in today's world.

Ask Solomon
Offers intuitive psychic readings, workshops, seminars, psychic healing, spirit guide channeling, angelic insights to love & self empowerment.

A Turning Point
Personalized astrology charts, reports, maps, and spiritual readings by Sedona, AZ psychic Faye M. Kimball.

A Winged Star Productions
Clairvoyant Healings and Readings by Jananda in which the Angels and the loving Christ energy bring energies he then channels through to the client. 

Blue Cloud Sacred Tour/Coronado Psychic Readings

Blue Cloud Soul Journeys is about connecting in a deep way to Mother Earth. Claudia Coronado guides others through life with her inner sight

Center for Human Potential
The Center offers publications, classes, seminars, counseling and consultation services, including intuitive and trance readings.

Center for the New Age
The best Professional Psychic Readers, Psychic Healers, Health Practitioners are all under one roof with a beautiful store.

Church of the Golden Age
Non-Denominational Church offering spiritual counseling, ministerial services, weddings, baptisms and guest services.

Conscious Loving Relationships Training Center
Provides a powerful, practical, clear and loving way to create and enjoy relationships that are loving, healthy, creative, fulfilling and fun. 

Crossing Worlds Journeys & Retreats
Informative, inspiring, non-commercial experiences that cross you into ancient & contemporary understandings of earth, spirit and human community.

Global Dance
A dynamic transformational dance journey through the elements of nature and the yogic chakras system of the body. Created by Beth Rigby.

Grace Verte
Grace Verte is a retired professional in Sedona Arizona who can assist in the Spiritual awakening process.

Earth Mother Father Healing and Meditation Center
A Healing and Meditation Center which has become a focus point for many individuals seeking spiritual guidance, direction and enlightenment.

Earth Connections
Designed to assist you in creating an unforgettable heart opening adventure in the beauty and magic of this sacred land. Day or weekend soul recharge getaways.

Global Change Music
Challenges all musicians worldwide to write lyrics that ascend the soul, raise planetary consciousness, and unite humanity in one global family rhythm.

Grace Verte M.A Astrology
Bring your symptoms of imbalance into focus and release to set your self free! Grace can gently assist you in the Spiritual awakening process.

Human Dimensions & Visions In Light
We offer participants private and personal attention involving the use of intuitive spiritual guidance, educational and informative lectures. 

Inner Dimensional Sound Chamber
A blending of science and metaphysics in vibrational technology. Low level oscillating energy field assists with the restoration of cellular integrity.

Infinite Light Reiki Healing Study Center
We offer quality training programs in the healing arts, which help ourselves and others understand the innate power to heal that we are each born with.

Kunzang Palyul Choling
KPC is a diverse group of people from many parts of the world who practice Tibetan Buddhism, aspiring to lead a life of compassion.

Lovejoy's Enchanted Cottage
My services offer you privacy and one-on-one personal attention that is both nurturing and healing.

Ray of Sedona
A clairvoyant psychic reader offering past Certified Hypnotherapy, crystal healing, past life regression, readings by phone, e-mail or in person, teaching Reiki 1 - 4.

Richard-Michael's Sedona Readings
Provides personal astrological guidance through services including horoscope charts, time path charts, vortex numerology charts and soul mate charts.

Sedona Creative Life Center
Provides spiritual growth workshops, creative workshops, local and national speakers, music, children's workshops and nondenominational celebrations.

Sedona Heart Center
Our mission is to provide the means for you to connect with your Higher Self or Source so you can access this guidance on a daily basis.

The Sedona Intensive
An alternative therapy treatment and spiritual counseling by that creates inner peace. Eliminate addictions and compulsive behavior. 

Sedona Psychic Wisdom
Clairvoyant, intuitive readings, energy healing and spiritual counseling in Sedona. Reiki, Aura-Soma, tarot, retreats, vortex tours, Japanese translation.

Sedona Soul Adventures
Plan a spiritual retreat with the help of our spiritual travel guides. Meet with alternative healers, intuitives and guides. Explore nature, transform your life.

Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking
Yoga Life in Sedona offers custom and group yoga hiking and spa retreats, lessons, therapy and instruction from Johanna Maheshvari Mosca.

Sedona Vortex Connections
We work with the powerful, loving energy of the Sedona Earth Vortex to assist you in understanding and fulfilling your soul purpose on the planet. 

Spirit Steps Tours
Provides a bridge, from the present-day routines of life to bold encounters with our rich heritage along with a fresh look to the hope of the future.

Spiritual Hypnosis & Psychic Readings
Darlynn Bowman specializes in spiritual hypnosis and psychic messages from angels and guides.

Wolfsong Enchantment of Sedona
A metaphysical source for spiritual enlightenment and Shamanic experiences. Counseling is offered both in person in Sedona, online or via telephone.

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